Game of Thrones: Walk of Punishment Review
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Walk_of_Punishment_still_TyrionTywin performs his first meeting as Hand of the King, with great tension between all of them, especially with Cersei and Tyrion. Tyrion in a move, only for Tyrion, moves his chair completely opposite of Tywin at the other side of the table. Tyrion is named as Master of Coin, as Little Finger is to be married to Lady Lysa Tully of the Vale. Tyrion gets the advice from Little Finger on being the Master of Coin; as they leave, Tyrion finds a proper way to repay Podrick for him saving his life. He gets Podrick, 3 whores, and tells him to have fun and be back before his supper. Tyrion looks over the books, and finds out Little Finger borrows the money from Tywin and Iron Bank of Brothers, and the bank will fund the enemies and get their money. Podrick returns, with a pep in his step, and finds out that he still has the money, and they realize the whores didn’t take, because Podrick was that good, and they want to know every little detail.

GAME-THRONES-WALDAU_320x240Jaime & Brienne, as they are riding as captives, Jaime tries to give excuses on why they got caught on everything, but Brienne counters with just reasons on his loss and capture every step of the way. As Jaime, soon turns cold, and tells her she will be raped, as she has no use to them, compared to Jaime. Brienne tries to talk her way out, but she is dragged away to be raped. And Jaime talks of who Brienne and her father are, and to get them from raping her and to ransom her back to her father. As Jaime continues using his silver tongue on Lord Bolton, to get him to turn to the Lannisters with gold and titles, and away from the Starks. As they “free” Jaime he is forced on a table, and how his words didn’t work on Lord Bolton, and after talking with him that his father doesn’t always help, he takes Jaime’s right hand, his sword hand, as payment!

Arya and Gendry see Hotpie is saddened and as he approaches he tells them, he’s staying to cook at the inn, giving Arya a parting gift of bread shaped as a wolf. After a heartfelt goodbye is said between friends, they travel with the Brotherhood. Arya’s parting words to him, the bread is really good.

0Jon Snow with the King North of the Wall approach the Fist of the First Men where the horses have been slaughtered, but the dead crows are now Wights walking with the White Walkers. As Mance calls for 20 men to scale the walls to take Castle Black, with Jon and to “Look for the biggest fire the North has ever seen!” to be the signal to attack. As Lord Commander and company return to the evil bastard, the Crows where they are confronted but he relents after the overwhelming force of what’s left. Lord Commander wants to kill him, but is being hospitable since they are given food for his remaining Crows. As he insults Sam over his weight, saying to eat him, as Gilly is in labor in the background. She gives birth to a boy.

Theon is finally freed and sent to meet with his sister. As Theon approaches his rendezvous, he is accosted by his mysterious captures, who look like Iron Soldiers, and is struck by a mace to the chest. Theon was about to be anally raped but is saved by the same one who freed him the cell.

GoT-Walk_Of_Punishment-200x200Dany is horrified by the walk of punishment, where slaves are crucified for doing something grievous. As Barristan and Jeor battle against each other, on the way to get an army and how to use them, before they meet with the Slaver. As the Slaver continues to berate her, but she turns it around with her wanting to buy all 8,000 of the Unsullied, She will buy them with a single dragon, and he agrees. As she leaves, she puts down Barristan and Jeor, that they are only to advise, and never question her in front of anyone ever again.

Robb attends the funeral of his grandfather with Lady Stark, even though some of his generals don’t see it as a reason to go. After a comical moment of the lighting of the funeral pyre by an inexperienced archer, Blackfish finally shoots a single arrow to give his father, Lady Cat’s father, and Rob’s grandfather proper burial. Robb disciplines a glory ridden general, his uncle, trying to gain some glory because he took a mill, and shows his blunder in every way possible, as a King and General should. Lady Stark and her Uncle Blackfish talk of old times, and as Lady Cat breaks down over the loss of her sons. As Blackfish reminds her, to remain strong for the sons, including Robb.the-blackfish-game-of-thrones-recap

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