“Games That Make You Want To Cry…Then, Kill.”

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“Games That Make You Want To Cry…Then, Kill.”

Being a veteran gamer since I was able to walk and ask for brother’s Gameboy to play Balloon Kid; I have had my share of funny frustration stories with games. I can be adult enough to say that to this very day, I believe my frustration has gotten worse over the years. I, honestly, scare myself sometimes. When I am at my angriest, I can swear up a pure storm to the point where it’s uncontrollable. I have rules that I go by when it comes to gaming, and many of them have been on point. As the past year and a half went on, especially after buying my own Xbox 360, I have played games that have almost caused me to go in a complete coma due to high stress levels. One game that I can remember is Mirror’s Edge, which I spoke deeply about in another blog. That game literally almost made me lose a foot (long story.). This is the same foot that made me kick a huge hole in my wall about 15 years ago while playing Battletoads on my NES. To this day, in my eyes, that game is the most frustrating I have ever played. I feel that that game was made to make you lose your mind. Mirror’s Edge was made to do the same thing, however, it caused you to rethink your paths. It gives you the imaginary option of taking routes that are not preset by the game, to get to where you need to be. At least Mirror’s Edge gave you that.

Another game is Saints Row 2. I love this franchise. I have been so spoiled by the Grand Theft Auto series (primarily, San Andreas), that I really didn’t think I would like Saints Row at all. After playing the Saints Row series, I found them to be masterpieces. Except (yes, you saw it coming) in great games, like Saints Row 2, they have levels that were made just to ruin the whole game experience for you. The last two major missions in Saints Row 2 will make you lose all faith in this game. Have you ever experienced that? For example: the game you are playing has been smooth sailing, you have been enjoying everything so far. Then you run across a mission or maybe two, that made you want to throw on your shoes, pants, shirt, and put the game back in its case. Then head right back to the store to exchange, or sell it. I’ve always wondered what genius thought it would be fun to put in missions like this. It’s like making a movie. “The movie would have been epic if this certain scene wasn’t in it. That one scene ruined the whole movie for me.” That’s how games should be looked at. However, you can easily overlook missions like these if you can finally pass them. But, how soften do you go back and play the game again? Do you play it the same way the second time around?

Bully: Scholarship Edition, is another prime example of a great game with one major flaw. It’s a flaw that makes a person not want play this game ever again. The mission I’m talking about is the mission where you have to save Johnny from an insane asylum. Specifically, it’s the area where you have to sneak past one guard’s field of vision. It gets to the point where it almost doesn’t matter what you did; you were going to be seen by this bastard time, and time again. The right way to pass him is actually the one way you were afraid to take, because you felt you were going to be seen for sure, but it is the right way. Run straight across the floor in front of the guard into the next room. Again, I ask what was the purpose of this? But, I digress.

As I mentioned before, I have rules that I set for games. Some of you may end up going “WTF?”, or “Yes, I can understand that.” Whatever the case may be, some of you may be able to relate. So, here goes:

“Rules That Help Keep My Sanity”:

1: I never play a mission more than 4 or 5 times. If I keep dying, or getting caught more times than I should have been; I will either CHEAT, or go on a massacre. Either way, there will NOT be a 6th play through.

2: Should the good “Lawd” bless me, and I beat the game, I am CHEATING throughout the second play through. Yes, I am a proud cheater when I feel my nerves have been shot for the last time. No shame in my game in the LEAST bit.

3: No game is worth a full blown headache, or migraine over. Turn the game off, and come back in a few hours. Either play it through again, or cheat. Whatever tickles your fancy.

4: Remember, it’s JUST A GAME. You don’t HAVE to beat it. That is not the prime objective. Play the game as far as your patience can take you. If you feel you have done all that you can to pass a mission, and still can’t, then you have made a personal triumph for yourself getting as far as you have. If in the middle of the game, you’ve technically beat it!

5: If co-op is possible, seek help to beat a mission to cut back on the buildup of frustration you have. It makes things much easier. Maybe that person, who has beaten the game, can show you how it’s done.

6: If 85% of the time was spent being frustrated with your game instead of enjoying it, I will never play your game again. Ever.

I try my best to follow these rules to the T. Sometimes, only one works. The only one that guarantees nonstop fun and game play. Sometimes, it is that one option that will ONLY work for you or certain people.

Cheat. ^___~*

(Feeling frustrated with a game? Take Fukitol. It works!)

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  1. Great article. There are PLENTY of games that make people go nuts. Its crazy some developers would think that things like that would pose a “good challenge” to players. Theres a BIG difference between difficult and “just plain ridiculous”. Nice article.

  2. Ahh Battle-Toads hover cycle segment. I HATED that! So many continues and lives wasted! The “moving snakes level” that is found later on is infinitely more easy.

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