Games You Slept On – PAIN (PSN Review)
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For those of you who have owned a PS3, and haven’t heard of PAIN, allow me to introduce you …

PAIN is a game that uses the brutality of cartoon-like characters to rack up points. Initially, PAIN comes with a set amount of characters, and game modes. There are other available characters, environments, and game modes available for purchase from the PSN Store. For the most part the characters are cheap, and cost about 99 cents each. You can find a few freebie characters as well. The characters in PAIN currently include famous icons like Elvira, and George Takei of Star Trek. Some of the fan favorites include the recent Souxxie, which is a goth/punk girl; and Creepie, which is best described as horned, purple monster. The characters are the stars of PAIN. Your objective in PAIN is to launch them across an environment, bouncing them off of explosives, and other objects. In the D-Town environment you have things like taxi cabs, and police cars driving down the street. Everything in PAIN can take some sort of damage from your character being tossed into it. The environments are very detailed, and are covered with all kinds of destructible objects. Objects like glass, signs, and even the vehicles that pass by can be destroyed. All through the environments of PAIN, you’ll find goofy characters walking about, riding bicycles, and even taking a dump in a port-a-potty.

Additional environments can be purchased as well, and contain different obstacles that apply to its theme. I only have D-Town (which was included with the game), and The Museum environments. Extra environments cost $5.99 each. There are currently just a handful of available environments, but I’m sure there will be more later on. The game modes in PAIN include hilarious themes. One such mode that is available with every environment is called Spank the Monkey. The objective in that mode is to launch your character at the monkeys that are strewn about the level, and knock them down. Aside from Spank the Monkey, there’s also Fun with Explosives mode, and PAIN Bowling mode. Recently the makers of PAIN added a DLC game mode called Abusement Park PAINball, and I’Probot, which are two large pinball machines in which your character acts as the pinball. What makes this so amusing, as with all other parts of PAIN, is that each character will randomly say comedic lines as they are being tossed about the screen. Each of the characters also has a set of taunts and poses that are available to perform when they are launched from the catapult. One unique feature in PAIN is the ability to upload the game play to your YouTube account. Hardly any PSN games have the upload feature, and PAIN’s is definitely the best. I currently have uploaded several PAIN replay videos to my YouTube channel, and it works really well. I could go on, and on about this game. PAIN is a solid game that has been around for awhile, and content is still being released. It is one of the more humorous games available from the PSN Store, and will most likely make you laugh with the sarcastic humor that inhabits every inch of the game. If you’re looking for a relaxing game to play that also has side-splitting humor, then PAIN is the game for you.


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  1. Quality writing. From one of the best game sites out there! Awesome piece dude!

  2. OtakuDante says:

    Thanks Billy, that means a lot to me 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the site, and please feel free to spread the word 😉

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