Glitch Strikers Announced
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The creator of the super popular fangame Super Mario Crossover has released a teaser for their next project.


Experience everything you love from the 8-bit era of gaming and live out your fantasies of playing as characters that travel across games. Glitch Strikers is the amalgam of dreams for anyone that grew up playing retro video games.

  • Created by Jay Pavlina (Super Mario Bros. Crossover) and Matt Kap (Castle in the Darkness, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth)
  • Has been in the works for nearly 5 years :*( … was rebooted to this version 8 months ago ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Play as characters inspired by legends from the 8-bit era
  • Play through original games inspired by your favorite retro classics
  • Tons of DLC planned including more characters, games, and features (more info below)
  • First part (Hyper Manni Pals) will be available on Early Access in a few months
  • The direction of the game will take community feedback into account, as we did with SMBC
  • Made in Unity
  • Steam is first platform, but more will follow
  • Everything is 4 player local coop!!!
  • Separate trailer will be released in the near future featuring multiplayer
  • Extremely likely that online multiplayer will be added… game was built from the ground up for online… still a lot of extra work though, so it will probably not be in first version ๐Ÿ˜€


Glitch Strikers will begin as a compilation of games, so it can be thought of more as an “app” or “hub” than a game. Each game can be played by choosing it in a menu, similar to Super Mario All-Stars. These games will be original concepts inspired by your favorite retro games with several improvements, modernizations, and new ideas… all fine-tuned to be playable by many characters! The first game, Hyper Manni Pals, will come with Glitch Strikers, and is a reimagining of Super Mario Bros. Crossover. After that, additional games will be released as DLC, and each game may come with different characters. You can see footage of some of the other games in the trailer.

So, think of Glitch Strikers as an emulator with super nostalgic powers that lets you play improved, remixed versions of old games with tons of characters that feel familiar, but new. But… that’s only the beginning. After several games are finished, we’ll create a story mode that integrates several games into one campaign. That’s where the story shown in the trailer will be explored, and you’ll be able to investigate the cause of the mysterious glitches. This way, we can have fun, experiment, and play the games separately, but also create an awesome story mode that will be more like a regular game.

Glitch Strikers will be available on Early Access as soon as Hyper Manni Pals is ready. As you can see from the trailer, we’re already very far along, so we expect the wait to be just a few months.

You can see the trailer below

The game looks really cool and I hope it comes to Switch. It just seems perfect for the system, especially with the co-op modes and it being a throwback to NES classics.


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