Go Figures Friday!
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Welcome to Go Figures Friday, the line up for today is…… a little weird to say the least.

Schick Hydro 5 Shaver Limited Edition Evangelion Strap Figures

All 7 figures Asuka

Ever wanted to get both a smooth clean shave and a new figurine? Apparently many Japenese people do and so for all those lovely otaku gentlemen comes this bundle exclusively found in Japan….. and the Internet.

The figures themselves are very lovely. Since they’re on straps you can show them off on your phone anywhere and everywhere (since it would be weird to carry around a normal one). The only downfall of these is that every one of them as something with Schick written on it if they’re girls or are shaving (with a Schick razor of course!) if they’re guys. But hey, promotions like these create brand awareness! If you’re planning to get them all save up to get 7 razors at a higher price because that’s how many figures there are.

Maker: Schick  Average online price: $22.00


UCC Mike Coffee Evangelion Figures

Apparently Japan excels at putting awesome things in their products, just look at these!


And this is not the first time, they’ve made other limited edition figures. These are the three lovely leading ladies in Evangelion, Rei, Mari, and Asuka, delicately put in a seating position holding a can of UCC Mike Coffee while getting ready to drive some giant robots. Did I mention the figures come with the coffee?

Maker: Kotobukiya  Average online price: $10.63

Madoka Magica Kyoko Sakura Nendoroid

spear throwhi there!

Now to bring back some normalcy to this post I introduce you to a Magika Madoka figure. She comes with three faces, a happy one, a sad one, and one sucking on a “Rocky.” With her awesome spear and a baked fish thing, this nendroid has some great accesories. Poseable with an articulate stand you can easily recreate any scene of the show with her.

Maker: Good Smile Company  Average online price: $59.00

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