Go Figures Friday! June 8th,2012
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Hello guys, GFF is back with more exciting and beautiful figures for those of us with a love for them!

Cheerful Japan! Saber and Rin Nendoroid 

I absolutely love the Cheerful Japan! line because it brings my love of figures and charity together. Cheerful Japan! is what you get when you bring Good Smile Company and other figure manufacturers to bring new figures themed around the project’s title. Part of the money made is to be donated to support relief to the area afflicted by the tsunami that occurred last year. These new figures are a two for one bargain. Featuring TYPE-MOON’s Saber and Rin comes one of the most adorable cheerleading combos ever conceived!

rin and saber holding up bannersaber and rin tired and resting

They come with their own banner, set of pom poms, tired faces, and extra parts to sit them down.

Maker: Good Smile Company  Average online price: $104.90

Figuarts Zero Smoker 

I love One Piece, and so I believe it’s about time to feature one of their many villains. I introduce you to Smoker, one of my favorite marines. He comes with a jute, another face, and a changeable smoky arm to showcase his Devil Fruit ability.

Typical smoker stanceDevil fruit smoke ability

Now kids, no matter how cool he is it still doesn’t make smoking cool.

Makers: Bandai  Average online price: $36.24

K-On! 1/6 Scale Hirasawa Yui and Akiyama Mio (Clayz)

Akiyama MioHirasawa Yui

These stand alone figures from the hit show K-On! have an interesting story behind them. Apparently they were to be released by 2011, but the makers wanted to give their sculptors more time to make them perfect. The results are quite amazing.

Maker: Clayz  Average online price: $112.91

Touhou Vignette Reimu Hakurei Figure

Reimu Hakurei closeupFigure and accesories

What I’d like to call a 16cm wonder. Some of you may be thinking “this is not the Touhou Project I know” and you’re right. Unless you know your Touhou you wouldn’t know most of what you see out there is fan art. This is the official artwork this is based on, enjoy!

Original start screen for Undefined Fantastic Object

It's okay to scream.

Maker: Pink Company  Average online price: $65.00

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