Good, Bad, Ugly: Weapon Shop de Omasse (3DS Shop Exclusive)
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Upon loading up my 3DS Shop with money I started glancing through the shop and after buying Pokemon Trading Card Game, I was told about this game by a friend of mine Elle. With my love for rhythm games peaked yet again, I decided to give this a try. This is based on first impressions of the game with about 3 hours of game play.

The Good:

Weapon Shop de Omasse is a rhythm game at heart, taping to a hit chart at the top of the screen, and while this is the core of the game it has hints of resource management as you try to keep your shop stocked with weapons to rent out to potential warriors.

Unlike other rhythm games, they make audible queues with the “notes” at the top of the screen to hit your timing. So your not being completely lost on what the hell to do when crafting weapons. It requires you to tap on multiple parts of the steel as you craft. If you tap on the same part multiple times (After that perticular part has been crafted) the game politely informs you that you need to move to another part by placing a big black “X” over it. Sometimes you need come coaching in games, and this does it in a way you could remember in the future.

The Bad:

There’s too much freaking text! There’s a gimmick in the game called “The Grindcast”, and as the warriors run off with their newly acquired gear you can keep track of them on their adventures. As your crafting new weapons at the shop, it shows up at the top screen, complete with noise that threw me completely off, ending up crafting a piece of crap instead of what I truly wanted.

The only way to keep the shop alive is by buying materials with the money given to you when they return it. That’s right, if it’s lost, stolen, breaks or the person wielding it dies (Hasn’t happened yet….don’t think it does though.) you don’t’ see a dime. I would have a better success rate of 100% durability (That I got on my first weapon.) if it wasn’t for that damn “Grindcast”!

The “Orders” menu could be WAY better, as it gives you the quests of the main storyline. Anyone that comes in and makes a order, does not have it show up in the menu for me. As a forgetful person who goes multiple hours without picking up his 2ds, makes it a very noticeable thing missing from the game.

The idea of it being a resource management game is kind of a turn off for me personally. I went in thinking it was solely a rhythm game, and it’s been reduced to a “Dump Game” (One that I would play while taking one.) I know that I’ve said that it was a great game, but the more and more I play it, the more and more I started comparing it to Pokemon Shuffle.

Overall, it’s a good game at it’s core, but there was too much not to nit pick about. I will update it as I play more of Weapon Shop de Omasse!


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