Google’s Smart Contact Lens
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Google Smart Contact Lens


Google announced a new venture:  Smart Contact Lens.  These lens would help those that suffer from Diabetes with measuring their glucose levels, even when the wearer forgets.  This is in an attempt to help people monitor their glucose levels without a lot of disruption, without the pain, and without the time consumption.

The contact lens consist of two layers of soft contact lens with chips and sensors between these two layers.  The project is still in its early stages, so it may be awhile before we see this on the market.  Although they have completed clinical research studies, there’s still much to be done and test.  There are also other ideas that they are taking into consideration like LED lights to warn that glucose levels are too high or low.  They are communicating with the Food and Drug Administration throughout this process.

The leaders on this project are Brian Otis and Babak Parviz.

Source: Google’s blog post

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