I Heard’em Say-Episode 4:Fergus Mills
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I’m back after along break from pod-casting and music but
DJ KILLZOWN JONES is back and so here is I heard’em say episode 4 featuring
Fergus Mills aka F-milli from the Koalition.com.

We talked about how he got into gaming, the southern gaming scene, 2011 games, and 3D gaming as well as 3D entertainment, hip-hop and his position at the Koalition.com and more.

Featured Trax
Devin the Dude ft Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000: What A Job Remix (produced DFX)
Rich Kids-$100 Autograph ft Young Thug and Yung Ralph
Luey V-Drowning: produced by J-Miller
Pastor Troy-Vice Versa
Luey V-Charlie Sheen on’em prod by Laudie on the Track
Team Fresh Boyz- Up and Down-prod by Haz da Future Miracle Producer
T.I. Still aint forgive myself
Pharrel ft Daft Punk-The Game has Changed
I Heard\’em say 4

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