Internet Explorer Targets Otaku Demographic with Moe

Internet Explorer has experienced a decline in use and appreciation as more and more people started to use faster and more powerful browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer, with its 10th version up and running, is confident in its ability to provide a “fluid” way to surf the Internet and recover some of its former users and perhaps some more. To capture anime fans who tend to use the web a lot Windows has adopted an antropomorphic moe character created by independent art and doujin creator Collateral Damage Studios called Inori Aizawa. CDS not only created a design for her, but a backstory. Inori used to be an awkward nerdy gal who messed up a lot and despite keeping some of that former awkwardness (so moe) is now a pretty and confident girl. She made a grand opening at this year’s Anime Festival Asia with this video.

To complete the package Internet Explorer has created an Inori Aizawa version of its browser. Will this marketing strategy work in their favor? Only time will tell, but so far it seems she’s doing well with over 30K likes on her official Facebook page. I like her design a lot, and find her to be a huge improvement over IE’s old mascot for Internet Explorer 8.


With a design this cool let’s hope she gets a proper figure.

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