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Arkanoid is one of those classic arcade games that has been paid homage over and over again and Invanoid from RCMADIAX is the latest one to pay homage.

The game is relatively simple, the blocks move along with the paddle and you have to time your hits right. It is a very simple puzzle game without much to it. As is well known, I have a love-hate relationship with RCMADIAX games. I love games like Avoider and Especially Super Robo Mouse, but games such as SKEASY and Splashy Duck are games that I have a lot of disdain for.

There really isn’t a lot to this game. and I actually beat my high score several times by just doing nothing and the ball hit the blocks on its own. This is probably due to the blocks’ moving patterns which seems to have ended up as a counter productive idea. The controls are also very loose and floaty and made the game difficult to control. This is in fact what led me to find out that I could get a big high score by doing absolutely nothing at all.

I like RCMADIAX and many RCMADIAX games are good. Super Robo Mouse didn’t sell well so the shift has been away from bigger games and now towards much smaller games. This is upsetting as Super Robo Mouse was great and the games since then have not been very good. I would suggest checking out that game for a good experience. As for Invanoid? I would say skip it. Its not worth it.

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