Its a Fish Eat Fish World – Shutshimi Review (Wii U)
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No Gravatarshutshimi



So stop me if you heard this before. A fish is swimming at home when other sea creatures decide to invade. So what happens? Well if you are the fish from Shutshimi, you take up arms and go all out to defend your home.



Shutshimi is essentially the Wario Ware of shoot em ups. Each wave lasts only a few seconds but always has a different modifier such as inverted controls, being larger ( and taking more hits) and more weapons. Some weapons carry over from stage to stage and some do not.

The gameplay seems simple at first but the constant change ups in the gameplay really make you realize that this is nothing like you have played at all before.  Some variations include a bouncy castle, butt mode and party mode, the latter of which had me very grateful that the game allows you to tone down the special effects intensity since it is hard on the eyes.


The game  delights in giving you changes that you think are good but end up working against you. “Yay I have every weapon”…..”Oh dear Lord I can play this with every weapon, its a nightmare!!!!!!!” but of course you can select the change up if you understand what the items in the shop in between stages do. Of course the game might not give you a choice that is helpful….or it might give you three awesome choices, its very random.


The weirdest part about this game is how addictive it is. I cannot stop playing it and haven’t even tried the co op mode yet. I love it and am obsessed. I must recommend this game to all who have a Wii U.

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