Its All Downhill – SKEASY Review ( Wii U)
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This is gonna be a tough review. I know RCMADIAX on Twitter, nice guy but this game is just frustrating and not because of the difficulty but because of what the game is.

To begin, SKEASY is a endless autorunner ski game where you move left or right downhill and dodge trees. That’s all. It was fun for a few minutes but I quickly grew bored. What’s worse is that the boredom never left. RCMADIAX has a reputation for making simplistic games and sometimes that works well like Blok Drop U ( and its spinoffs) and Avoider. In actual fact, SKEASY comes off as so extremely similar to Avoider that its practically a rehash with the only different being the control scheme not involving tough controls here. However Avoider still required skill and timing and had an element of fun and suspense that brought enjoyment. This is completely lacking in SKEASY, with the game being extremely easy and quickly becoming dull with no real challenge.

RCMADIAX is better than this, the previous mentioned Blok Drop U and Avoider were great games and Super Robo Mouse ( his upcoming game) looks excellent. I just am frustrated that he is coasting along and taking the easy route. I get it, game development is expensive and time consuming, but a reputation also takes time to build and putting out repeated games like this just ruins that reputation..

I don’t want to seem like I’m hating on him because I like many of the games he has made and I know he has the talent, but SKEASY is just a lazy game that should not have been made. I cannot recommend it at all. If you are wondering why my review mentions the game so little, its because the game has practically no substance to it. It’s just a lousy rush job game. The visuals are bland but the music is the only good thing about it and that isn’t enough. My worst fear is that it will put people off his games like Blok Drop U which are actually good and might scare people away from his upcoming Super Robo Mouse. Only time can tell with that one though.



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