It’s an Oddworld After All – New ‘N’ Tasty Review (WiiU)
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I have very limited experience with the Oddworld series. I first become aware of it with the third game, Munch’s odyssey for the original Xbox and wasn’t sure what to make of it. Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty is a remake of the original game in the series, Abe’s Odyssey and after playing the original recently thanks to GOG, I can say this is a far superior version and a very welcome update.


New ‘n’ Tasty tells the story of Abe as he tries to rescue his people from being turned into food and get them to safety. He does this via sneaking, setting up traps, puzzle solving and using his psychic powers. Abe wont have it easy and everything is trying to kill him. But don’t worry Abe is resourceful and has many ways around them, but be careful as one wrong move can cause you to die in a variety of ways.


The controls are spot on and I had no issues with them but what I did have an issue with was the fact that the gamepad’s off TV play had issues. Namely the sound would cut out at times for a few seconds or even a few minutes at a time. This was annoying and really took away from the experience for me and I hope it can be fixed with a patch.


The visuals in the game are amazing and the fluid motion of the imagery helps draw you in and make you just want to stare at the game. There are a few frame drops on the Wii U version but nothing too much. The sound is top quality and never stutters at all and maintains a constant beat. The game simply looks and sounds amazing on the TV and I lost myself in the game more than few times.



The game is fun and I do like the gameplay but the gamepad issues really did bother me. I still will recommend it just for the gameplay as its a good time, especially if you are only playing on the TV but bear in mind the gamepad issues. The game will keep you hooked  and you will want to play until you have 100 % completed the game.



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