It’s On Like Donkey Kong!
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Preparing for the release of Donkey Kong  Country Returns (DKCR) on the Wii, Nintendo has filed a trademark for “It’s On Like Donkey Kong”.  While the phrase has been used for years, it is a huge surprise that Nintendo has waited this long to act upon it. Introduced in his own self-titled game in the 1980’s, Donkey Kong has been an icon since and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Making the way for Mario and many others, he is often overlooked by today’s generation but, Nintendo is making sure that he is not forgotten.

Developed by Retro Studios , DKCR is sure to bring the old phrase back with loads of new content and a new enemy. Unlike the 1994 classic, Kremlings will no longer be a threat, passing the torch to a group called “The Tiki Tak Tribe”.  This group of enemies has hypnotic control over all of the  forest animals, causing them to steal our hero’s bananas. It’s up to Donkey Kong  and his son Diddy Kong to retrieve them. It’s amazing what monkeys will do for  bananas these days!

The biggest change is the fact that Diddy and his papa or no longer interchangeable. Diddy now serves as a health and jump aid and only when he is on DK’s back.  The good news is that there will be co-op play available. Now does this make up for Diddy having a jet pack? For some people like me, it wont. Still, having a buddy to play with is pretty awesome and you can now automatically respawn at your partner’s location if you ever lag behind.  Even better? If player two gets tired, just place Diddy on DK’s back and keep going. As for other new abilities, there is the ability for Donkey Kong to blow out gusts of air. By crouching and shaking the Wii remote, DK can huff and puff to reveal new items hidden in grass.

DKCR still takes place on Donkey Kong Island and yes, still has level names like “Ruins” and “Beach” . However,  just because the name is simple, doesn’t mean that the level has to be. There are nice graphical touches and levels such as the mine cart level, have been extended. Rather than just a simple re-hash, this time around it looks as though Retro Studios may be on to something new and exciting.

Since this is a platforming game, some of the levels can be a little demanding for the younger ones in your family. Retro Studios has addressed this and after dying 8 times at any checkpoint, the game makes it easier for you. Super Kong, a white version of Donkey Kong, appears at the checkpoint if  the “super guide” option is chosen, and he goes through the level for you. Once he passes the point you were stuck on, you can easily go back into your game. Sounds too good to be true? Well, there is a slight catch. When Super Kong is out and about, coins and collectibles will NOT be recorded. I’m sure Timmy and Susan don’t mind but if you do, hey that’s the price you pay monkey killer.

The game releases November 21st of this year so, don’t be shocked if you hear both kids and adults saying..well you know.

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  1. nightsaviorNo Gravatar says:

    This game was gold. I still remember being shot out from barrels, collecting bananas, and being afraid of those crocs and giant bees. lol.
    It would be nice if they made more of these in addition to re-releasing the older ones. Rare was a good company to be certain.

  2. Awesome review! I can’t wait to get my hands on the game. I especially like the help system that won’t let me die more than eight times. Donkey Kong rocks!

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