JackBox Party Pack 1, Packs a Party Into One Package on Nintendo Switch
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JackBox is ready to thrill you with one whole party packed into a single game with this collection of games. With five games to play, you can have a great time with anyone you care to get down with. This game might be a Switch game but don’t worry it is all controlled with one console and your guests’ phones or laptops.

First up is the hit game You Don’t Know Jack. This is the hit game that started it all with Hundreds of questions to answer. Up to four players can play this zany trivia game, so jump  head first and see who truly is the Jack Box King!

Second is Fibbage XL with more questions than the original release. A truly fun game, especially since it can be played with up to 8 players with a streaming channel.

Drawful is third and relies on players drawing based on a clue. Once all the drawings are done, players guess and if they are correct they then put an answer in to stump others. It can get pretty chaotic with up to eight players joining in. A cool thing about this game is that you can stream it to up 100 people. If a fake answer is chosen, the drawer gets points, and if the correct answer is chosen both the player and artist get points. The really great thing about this game is skill really isn’t necessary, as it is just a lot of fun.

Lie Swatter is the fourth game and can be played by 1-100 players. You need to figure out which statements are true and which are false. With such a large crowd to play with, it can, of course, get pretty intense. The final round will always come from the same category so you won’t be thrown off your game.

Lastly, comes the game Word Spud which is for up to 8 players. Starting off with one word, you follow logic to enter the next word. The other players’ award points and the game continues. A fun, quick game, one that really can get interesting as the words start to flow.

Jack Box Party Pack 1 is available now for Nintendo Switch, so now is the time! Call up some smart friends or stupid ones, and have a trivia night!

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