Jak and Daxter HD Collection Is Coming!
By Garrett Green On 26 Dec, 2011 At 07:34 AM | Categorized As News, PlayStation | With 0 Comments


Many of you may know Naughty Dog from the wonderful Uncharted series. But before Drake graced our PS3s with his witty dialogue and great gameplay, there was a pointy eared hero and his fuzzy little wise-cracking side kick. The Jak and Daxter series is arguably one of the best platformers on the PS2. The first game was more on the cute and cuddly side while the second and third one took a much darker approach, and it worked! Not only did the already well told story improve with our cute silent protagonist à la Link from the first game getting a voice and a attitude to match, but we are introduced to wild and crazy guns that you can upgrade like in the Ratchet and Clank series. I’m happy to say that the trilogy is getting an HD update along with stereoscopic 3D and trophy support. The collection is set to release in early February for $39.99. That’s three great games for only $40. This trend of re-releasing PS2 titles on the PS3 is not only great for fans who want to see these games in smooth HD goodness, but also to give gamers who might have missed these titles a chance to play them. Look forward to the collection early next year.



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