Kick And Fennick Review (WiiU)
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kick and fennick

2D Platformers are very common to see among indie games, and while most try and put their own spin on the genre, not many succeed. Kick and Fennick is one of the few games that genuinely does bring a sense of change to platformers, and it does so with one key change: there is no jump button at all. You instead use the rifle to project yourself into the air. Its a brilliant take on the genre and really does open up new ways to play.

Kick and Fennick is a physics based platformer that in addition to actually being innovative, is incredibly fun. I found myself playing for over 2 hours before I realized I had gotten carried away. The controls take some time to get used to and it can be difficult to adjust to, but once you do get used to them the fun begins. The game has several unique locations such as underwater levels and it remains fun in all of them.

The music in the game is excellent and really fits the sense of adventure the game has. The sound effects in general are all great and really help enhance the game.  In fact, considering how you sue the gun to project yourself in the game, the sound effects really help with pushing that concept. Its weird but it really does sell the gimmick of the game better. Visually the game is great. The graphics are amazing and visual effects in general are awesome.

The game has a story but it is really minimal, but what it has is sufficient. The real draw is the gameplay which can be compared to Portal in terms of its physics engine. Mere words cannot do it justice, as it needs to be played to be understood. There are multiple difficulty settings and game modes and this really helps with the replay value.

All in all, this is a great game. It isn’t perfect but it is one that I can easily recommend.


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