Killzown E3 2012 Picks Star Wars 1313
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I was a huge fan of Star Wars Bounty Hunter and was one of those folks who thought that the Bounty Hunters other than Han Solo and Chewbacka where highly underrepresented in the orignal Star Wars saga. That both Jango Fett and Boba Fett where two characters that deserved a better treatment than they did in the movies.
The games main character isn’t Boba Fett but its LucasArt has stated that alot of bounty hunters will make an appearance so keep your figures crossed. The game is set on Curossant underground elevator systems and 1313 is the level these two are head and one is a maniac. Check out the trailer below.

The engine of the game is the same in gameplay and in cut-scenes, ILM has teamed up with LucasArts to make a seamless experience across the board. The Action, effects and the gameplay have all had a great amount of work poured into them. You have to move with speed and strategy to move through the environment and to dispatch enemies with precision. If Lucas Arts can make the just as big as this game play demo and increase the action and keep us involved in the story this may the best Star Wars yet. The Characters don’t have ties to the empire or the rebel alliance so it will be interesting if who will show up during the game from the Star Wars Universe.

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