King of Fighters XIV Will Be Getting a Day One Patch
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It has been revealed that The King of Fighters XIV will be getting a Day One patch when it releases next week. The patch will mostly deal with tweaks and some online and balancing. Also worth noting is that the Fuzzy Guard Instant Overhead will be patched out in the future.

Lead designer Hidetoshi Ishizawa, more commonly known as Neo_G has tweeted some details about the upcoming day one patch.

Among these changes are some additional tweaks to the game’s online play. Whether or not he’s referring to the game’s actual netcode (which early reports have stated as being quite good), or if these are just adjustments to the online modes, is not yet known.

More interesting however is the fact that the day one patch will also contain some balance changes. This means that gameplay and balance impressions that players who have acquired from early copies of the game–through the broken street date–will be outdated at launch. For interested players, these balance changes will be previewed at the premier events that SNK is holding in Tokyo and Osaka this weekend.



We will have a review of the game on the site in a short while so check back soon for that.

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