KOF 14 Producer Wants to Make A Sequel to Garou Mark of the Wolves

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Yasuyuki Oda, the producer of King of Fighters 14, recently attended a Garou Mark of the Wolves tournament and revealed he has not given up on making a sequel to the critically acclaimed fighter from the Fatal Fury series. Garou MOTW is often  regarded as the greatest fighting game SNK ever made and is one of the greatest 2D fighters in general.




“It’s been like 16 years since the game came out. It’s so impressive to see all these techniques that’ve accumulated during the years on one hand, and on the other hand I’m scratching my head over why we forgot to take out Jenet’s thrust (laughs). So there’s been some stuff happening, and right now we’re making a new KOF (laughs & applause). So if we can have a bit of your time, here’s our latest trailer.”

~~Trailer #8 gets displayed on screen~~

“Thanks very much, and yeah don’t ask about the Dinosaur (audience laughter). We’ll have a playable event at Tokyo on April 26th. I think it’s going to be the first time the game will be playable in Japan so I hope people will come check it out.

I think people here are thinking ‘Hey what are you doing, aren’t you forgetting about Garou?’ I’m going to do something about it before I die (laughs), so please keep on supporting us.”

“And don’t forget Last Blade too. We’re going to be releasing details on Last Blade 2 on the PS4 and Vita soon, so please look forward.”

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