Limited Run Games: Going to Focus on Going All-Out on Switch
By Jonathan Balofsky On 18 Jan, 2017 At 02:09 PM | Categorized As News, NINTENDO, Nintendo Switch, ROG News | With 0 Comments

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Limited Run Games has been releasing physical versions of indie titles on PlayStation 4 and primarily PlayStation Vita since 2015  and is now setting their sights on Switch. Speaking with with CNET, co-founder Josh Fairhurst said the team is “really going to try and focus on going all-out” on the system

In his own words:

“I also see a lot of opportunity in the Nintendo Switch. I think many Vita fans will pick one up, maybe even begrudgingly, by the time the Vita is phased out. If we start publishing games there, I think that would be a nice place for Vita fans to relocate, should that become a necessity.”

“We’re really going to try and focus on going all-out on the Switch. Moving to 3DS would be costly and time-consuming and by the time we figure it out, we might as well just have focused on the Switch.”

This is big news, especially for indie fans on Nintendo systems. Hopefully this works out well!


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