Lizardcube Wants to Remaster Zelda 1 & Shantae Creator Wants To Help
By Jonathan Balofsky On 27 Apr, 2017 At 02:46 PM | Categorized As News, NINTENDO, ROG News | With 0 Comments

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After finishing their remake of Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap, Lizardcube was asked  in an interview what they want to work on next. In the interview, theyrevealed a desire to redo a classic Nintendo game.

We don’t know what’s coming next yet! Doing other classic games would be nice, but it would depends if we can get a license to use them. For example I would love doing old Zelda but I don’t think Nintendo is ever going to let us touch that 😛

But it seems they aren’t alone in wanting to do this. Matt Bozon, Head of WayForward, and the creator of Shantae, tweeted to  reveal he wants to work with Lizardcube to do this if they could.


This The developers of an awesome remake, teaming with the creator of Shantae and his team to create a remake of the original classic? Nintendo needs to call them up and give them a chance with this!


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