Long Anticipated Alwa’s Awakening Released
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The long awaited indie game Alwa’s Awakening has finally been released. The game’s publisher sent out the following.

After much anticipation, the wait is finally over. Elden Pixel’s highly successful greenlight game Alwa’s Awakening is available now through Steam for Windows, OSX and Linux! Crafted with love, Alwa’s Awakening provides the charm and challenge of the 8-bit era near and dear to the hearts of even the most hardened of video game veterans.

Alwa’s Awakening boasts an impressive interconnected world where players will guide Zoe through puzzles, beat enemies and face off against powerful bosses. Awaken in the land of Alwa and free them from their nightmare!

It’s full list of features boasts:
– A challenging NES-inspired adventure game
– Use the magic staff to solve puzzles and defeat enemies
– Find and unlock upgrades to your items and abilities
– Explore a large interconnected map in true ‘Metroidvania’ style
– A soundtrack consisting of over 25 8-bit tracks.

The game looks incredible and we hope to have a review up soon. Indie games like this are part of what is making the industry thrive, by paying homage to the past while also putting their own spin on things and not being obsessive.

Source: PR Email

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