March’s Games with Gold
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No GravatarMicrosoft has announced March’s Games with Gold lineup and it is a good one.

Layers of Fear: March 1-31 on Xbox One

A first-person psychedelic horror game that places serious emphasis on exploration and story. In Layers of Fear you navigate through the horrors of not just an ever changing Victorian-era mansion, but through the slipping mind of a painter as he desperately strives to complete his masterpiece.

Borderlands 2: March 1-15 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

An action RPG first-person shooter or Role Playing Shooter if you will, Borderlands 2, the second game in the Borderlands series takes us back to Pandora. Level up, unleash your abilities and harness the power of badass weaponry as you battle your way across the living planet fighting off anything Handsome Jack, or Pandora throws your way.

Evolve Ultimate Edition: March 16-April 15 on Xbox One  

In Evolve, A 4v1 first-person shooter, you battle it out on Shear an industrialized alien planet. Choose to take control of a powerful monster, consuming wildlife and evading the hunters or team up with other hunters to track down and eliminate the monster.

Heavy Weapon: March 16-31 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One            

A side-scrolling shoot ‘em up retro style arcade game, Heavy Weapon provides you with a vast assortment of heavy artillery to make blasting away enemy tanks and planes truly satisfying. Gun your way through 19 peril packed missions.

This is a great month for games via the service. What will you be getting.


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