Mizu Con Tea Party Photo Gallery
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Here is the gallery of pictures we took at the MizuCon Tea Party this past weekend. Check out all the fun, antics, and excitement from the event. There were tons of different kinds of costumes people had wore to the Tea Party, ranging from anime and manga to video game characters. Some people even went as far as to come FULLY DRESSED from head to toe in their outfits, enduring the harsh heat at the time. Regardless though, the cos-play was amazing, and the atmosphere was awesome.





Expect us to get tons of footage and pictures from Mizu Con 2011 this August 19th – 21st. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, there is still time to buy them. There are plenty of deals you can find out about on the official website.




Hope to see you all at Mizu Con 2011 this year.














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