Mizucon 2012 A Good Time Was Had By All
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No GravatarWhat can be said about Mizucon this year? Mizucon has always been a great convention, but for some reason the attendance seemed to be lacking this year, which is a shame because it had the same great entertainment as the previous years. The panels provided were varied, and almost anyone could find one that would entertain them. There were also two video rooms set up showing a variety of anime from oldies to new ones.  In the video game room you could play Halo 3, Super Smash Bros., Soul Caliber V, Blazblue, and many other video games with tournaments taking place at various times. Also a stand in the vendor’s room had music playing and whoever wanted to could dance in cages. To put it in a short manner, there was no shortage of things to do. The only thing Mizucon had changed was their location from their old hotel to Doubletree Miami Airport and Convention Center which was much larger, even if they were only using the top floor.

My panels went very well. Otaku on a Budget was delayed but all the attendees were great sports by waiting a bit longer for it to start, and the Vocaloid panel was very energetic and with a hefty fandom presence. Overall most attendees are well behaved and friendly, which is what I like the most about this convention, there is an environment where you feel it’s fine to interact with strangers and be yourself.

I’m hoping to once again attend Mizucon next year, and hope more people will as well. Check out the slideshow for pictures from the show.

[slideshow id=26]

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