Mizucon’s Fantastical Tea Party 2012
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No GravatarMizucon’s annual tea party is one of those events that isn’t as big as your average convention, and doesn’t have as many activities; yet doesn’t fail to provide the same atmosphere and comradery of a regular convention. The atmosphere is quite relaxed and laid back, and it’s much easier to interact with every person present because everyone is packed into a specific area. The best part of this event is it’s a potluck, and every year there’s more food than can be eaten by everyone. Plus the event staff always bring free tea for the attendees. There are a few activities, a scavenger hunt (I won last year), tea identity contest, relay trivia (run around the park to find staff members with answers to given questions), and a costume contest. The cosplay present was amazing, with the majority of attendees cosplaying. The day was good, with occasional tiny drops of rain that weren’t a bother until it eventually turned into a downpour, and every attendee was standing under the big tree in our area under an umbrella. Eventually the day ended with everyone scrambling to a shelter nearby, but the entire raining on our parade occurrence happened during the last 30 minutes of the 5 hour event. Despite that, everyone continued having fun. This event is a spectacular look into the attractive friendly aspect of the con scene here in South Florida, and is proof of the excellence that is Mizucon.

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