Mutant Mudds Super Challenge….Prepare to Cry Edition WIIU Review
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Renegade Kid is one of the most active Nindie developers on the Nintendo Eshop, with releases on both systems there is one that has won the heart of many gamers and that is the Mutant Mudds series. Ever since Mutant Mudds Deluxe released, it has gained fans with his impeccable controls, lovable music and overall enjoyable gameplay. But what happens when you level up your game? You get an upgraded version that takes everything that made Mutant Mudds awesome, and adds even more spice to the series. And by spice, I mean the insanely difficulty, that is usually reserved for action adventure games with the “souls” in the name.

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In Mutant Mudd Super Challenge, the gameplay is a homage to the classic old school platformers where you run, jump and shoot at every enemy on sight. The goal is to go through 45 levels of beautiful landscapes, trying to rid the world of the Mutant Mudds once and for all. Max’s water pack is the ultimate tool, it allows to hover onto platforms, as well as giving him the firepower needed to fight the Mutant Mudds. While the move-set might seem simple, it gets the job done and if it ain’t broken why fix it. The controls are impeccable (Renegade Kid strongest points) Max moves just like you want him to, and this is a must, since the level design is as punishing and more precise than anything before. Each level is designed to test even the most skilled gamer, (I’ll have you know that by the time I finished world 3 I only died 60 times) with more death traps, enemies, and bottomless pits. Moreover, obstacles in later stages are calculated to maximum jump and hover distances, timing each action is a must to get through the most difficult challenges. Fortunately there are checkpoints placed partway through each level, meaning that the frequent deaths won’t be punished by a complete loss of progress. MMSC is a game that does not forgive mistakes on your gameplay, the slightest mistake is rewarded with a swift death and a return to the beginning or last checkpoint.


One of the most requested features in a sequel for Mutant Mudds is boss fights…..well in MMSC you got them! These are unlocked only after clearing all bonus and normal stages in a region, but the wait is well worth it. The standard rule of three hits to death applies here, but the boss designs are varied and interesting. So for me they are like a reward for your sacrifice and to test you mettle. For those of us that want 100% on everything that comes into our hands, MMSC offers a lot to do and plenty of secrets to find. From finding all coins on each level, to the CDs that are well hidden on each stage to 20 secret characters (they are GOOD). Also fan favorite stages G-Land and V-Land return from the original, and they can be found behind an obstacle that can be sorted with one of the three power-ups you can get.

Bottom Line MMSC is the best platformer I have ever played so far, it has a solid controls, great music, a SUPER CHALLENGE that can be translated to hours of fun, with tons of secrets to find and cross buy between the WIIU and 3ds versions. I can definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a game to get lost into, you will start playing it and when you least expect it you will have died A LOT (but I LOVE IT).


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