My Career Game Mode Trailer Released For WWE 2K17
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No GravatarThe controversial WWE manager Paul Heyman unveiled to the world yesterday, a new trailer covering the “My Career” game mode for the upcoming WWE 2K17 game.

Normally the publisher 2K Games would release the trailer, but there is a twist as to why Mr. Heyman was the one to unveil the trailer. This year’s version of the game, the created character can become a Paul Heyman guy. After the player creates their character, they would be shipped off to The WWE Performance Center for training and a chance to join the NXT ranks. This is where the game takes a bold twist, becoming a Paul Heyman guy, bypassing all of that and immediately become a WWE superstar, but of course the character will be at odds with WWE management.

Under Mr. Heyman’s tutelage, the player will learn the skills to help along with becoming the number one WWE superstar, learning how to cut promos, selling merchandise to help push the character’s popularity among other things.

Though be careful, as if you make the wrong decisions or go against Heyman and the player may just be faced with the Beast Incarnate himself, Brock Lesnar who will take you to Suplex City.

Check this out and much more about WWE 2K17 “My Career” game mode in the trailer below. Perhaps I’ll see you in the ring soon.

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