New Capcom Survey Asks About Mega Man 11 and More Collections

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Capcom Japan has launched an online survey asking fans what they’d like to see from the franchise next. The survey comes from a URL bundled with the Nintendo 3DS version of Rockman Classics Collection in Japan.

The first batch of questions are pretty generic, like which consoles you own and so forth. In the second set, Capcom asks if “you would like to play a new entry in the classic series (like Mega Man 11). The third set concerns future collections, basically asking which past series (X, Zero, Legends, Battle Network, ZX, Star Force) you’d prefer to see collected.

Although the survey is in Japanese, anyone can participate. All you need is a little help from Google Translate to make your way through. For the postal address, just type in six random numbers, three in each box and select any prefecture. It really doesn’t matter.

The survey closes on Saturday, April 30th. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

Thanks to SenseiHanzo for the general translation!


Our thoughts. A Megaman 11 would be good but I would love to see Megaman X9 done in SNES style. Hopefully this leads to something big for the Blue Bomber as the Megaman Legacy Collection might only be the beginning of a revival for the character at the hands of Capcom.


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