New Transformers MP13 Soundwave & Laserbeak Images
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No GravatarTakara Tomy was planning to unveil “MP13 Soundwave”  this weekend at the Tokyo Toy Show. Luckily for us Amazon Japan already posted images of the new product on their website. Even though the photo’s are merely prototype shots, they are truly a magnificent sight to behold.

MP13 Soundwave

Megatron’s most loyal soldier and espionage expert is really an awesome addition to the current Transformers Masterpiece lineup. Soundwave transforms into his Generation 1 alternate mode, the famous blueish cassette recorder. Soundwave comes with his companion Laserbeak and a bunch of energon cubes. Judging by the images the toy seems to be very pose able. In my opinion this toy will probably end up being the best Soundwave rendition ever made. Let’s hope Takara or Hasbro releases some more cassettes, like Ravage, Rumble or even Ratbat.


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