New Zones Coming In Starfall Expansion For Villagers & Heroes


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Plenty of adventure is coming for Villagers & Heroes fans. With the new Starfall expansion comes brand new locations to fight, quest, and craft. Starfall’s seven zones include The Rye, Pools of Andorra, Glendergan, Dartrey Woods, Turnapin Peak, Gortrin Passage, and the Zorian Marshlands. Starfall will ship with four of these zones, while the rest will be released post-launch to ensure plenty of content for players over the coming months.

Starfall takes place across multiple zones as players journey to the mysterious Crux ruled by Queen Zoria. Along the way, players will gain assistance from The Lumineers: a group of renowned Heroes also searching for the Crux for (currently) unknown reasons. Players will travel with the Lumineers through vast landscapes and embark on epic adventures to uncover the schemes of Queen Zoria.

The new expansion is the most ambitious to date which not only adds in tons of new content but Starfall will revamp many features of Villagers and Heroes as well, including a new talent, loot system, crafting, cleaner UI, and plenty of smaller fixes.


Alongside all new zones, level capped players will be able to start questing once more with the cap being raised to 90 and the opportunity to progress to a new 5th rebirth for even greater rewards. Prepare for all new challenges and tough elder bosses to test your party against.

Starfall will be a free update for Villagers and Heroes coming soon to PC & Android devices.

This is a great update to the game, and should add to the experience greatly for players. Will you be checking it out?


Source: PR Email


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