Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Packed With Exclusive Content For Wii U.
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The Nintendo Wii U will launch this November 18, and as the date grows closer, we get more information about the games, in this case, we find out the launch game “Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge” will contain a series of improvements as well as additional content that will likely be an improvement over its PS3 and Xbox 360 iterations.

  • Ayane will be featured as a playable character, she will have her own chapters as well as her own set of Ninpo and weapons.
  • The game will also allow you to have character progression, players can upgrade weapons and Ninpo, as well as learn new moves and increase their HP and even unlock new costumes.
  • Both Ryu and Ayane are available to use for the online co-op option.
  • More difficult enemies, allowing them to quickly get the drop on the player requiring fast thinking.
  • Additional playable characters will be available as free downloadable content sometime after the game’s launch.
  • The Wii U gamepad will allow quick access to the player’s inventory of weapons and Ninpo as well as access to combos mid-battle.
  • Each chapter will now contain a hidden area called Test of Valor, an area found by collecting hidden Crystal Skulls, allowing the player to be transported to an area where they will have to defeat waves of enemies and classic Ninja Gaiden bosses with a new arsenal of moves.


Source: mynintendonews

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