Nintendo Switch Is Vulkan & OpenGL Conformant
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A lot of rumors have been swirling about the Nintendo Switch, but they cannot be confirmed until January. What we do know for sure is that the Switch will be supporting Vulkan as well as OpenGL 4.5 and OpenGL ES 3.2.


The Nintendo Switch has been certified as a Vulkan 1.0 conformant implementation by The Khronos Group. Over on is now public confirmation with the Nintendo Switch currently being listed as the newest certified Vulkan product. The OS is listed as “Nintendo OS” and it passes the Vulkan CTS.

The certification passing was yesterday, 18 December. Additionally, the Nintendo Switch is also listed as hitting OpenGL 4.5 and OpenGL ES 3.2 conformance. There is no mention of OpenCL conformance or any other Khronos APIs for the Nintendo Switch.

This is big news for Nintendo and also raises some questions. What is Nintendo OS? Is it a different OS altogether, or a new version of something they used in the past. We will have to wait and see.


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