Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Recap
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Nintendo held their Nindies Showcase today and showed off several games for the system.

The presentation started off right away with a  bag, with the big reveal of Steamworld Dig 2 debuting on Nintendo Switch. This looks to be a bigger and better sequel with a lot of improvements and mechanics that were built up on.

From there, we got a new trailer for Yooka Laylee on Nintendo Switch but no release date

Next up, was Overcooked Special Edition, a version of the game for Switch which will take full advantage of the system, for features like HD rumble, plus all the DLC. Also coming to the system, is The Escapists 2.

Raw Fury will be bringing the quirky game Gonner to the system as a timed exclusive with additional content tailor made for the system.

They are also bringing Dandara, a unique platformer with interesting mechanics in it. The game looks like it will be a fun time with fast paced platforming and combat. It will have exclusive content and features on Switch,


The other game they will be bringing is Kingdom: Two Crowns. The game will have a new co-op mode in this version

Next up was a nice surprise, with the reveal of Runner3 as a Switch exclusive. The game is looking amazing and will be coming out later this year

Next was a game that everyone was hoping to hear about, as we received confirmation at last that Blaster Master Zero will be coming to Nintendo Switch in the west as well. And best of all, it is coming next week!

Next was Zoink! Games, with the spiritual sequel to Stick it to the Man, Flipping Death. The game looks like it has some influence from Grim Fandango as well. This should be a great time.

Next were three games that showed off the HD Rumble. First was Graceful Explosion Machine

Mr. Shifty was next, which puts an interesting twist on Stealth games and immersion.

Last of these three was Tumbleseed which puts a spin on balancing and puzzle games

Next in the presentation was Vblank entertainment with the spiritual sequel to Retro City Rampage, Shakedown Hawaii. The game will be a timed exclusive for the Switch, and launches this April.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, Chuckleseed Games is bringing three indie games to the platform.

First of these is Pocket Rumble. A 2D fighting game that is a throwback to the Neo Geo Pocket Color. It is a game that is great for both casuals and hardcore players and offers a variety of ways to play. On Switch, it will make use of HD rumble so you can actually feel the attack. This will be a console exclusive for the Switch.

Next was Wargroove, a game inspired by both Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. It will feature local and online multiplayer and you can build your own battlefields.

The last game shown in the presentation was Stardew valley. The game is coming with a multiplayer mode that is debuting on the Switch. More games were shown in the image at the top as well.


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