Nintendo Switch Presentation Recap
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The Nintendo Switch presentation was last night so before we discuss other news today, Let’s take a look at what went down.

  • System launches March 3 for 299 USD, and 399 CAD
  • joy cons have HD rumble and sound and can simulate the feel of ice in a glass and water being poured in
  • multiple aspects of the console received breakdowns including colors, tech, add on s and more
  • multiple styles of play, including tv, stand and handheld
  • 1 2 switch and arms were shown off. These are unique games that use the Joy cons. Both are new IPs and Arms is a rather interesting fighting game.
  • Splatoon 2 was announced for a summer release. New weapons and abilities including dual weapons, multiple new features for getting around the map and dodging
  • Super Mario Odyssey announced. A return to sandbox style Mario with Mario in a New York style setting as well as in a fantasy setting, New powerups and enemies appear. Specifically a return to Mario 64 style gameplay. Holiday 2017
  • Xenoblade chronicles 2 was shown.
  • Fire Emblem Warriors was announced. A crossover between Fire Emblem and The Dynasty Warriors/Musou series
  • Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2 will receive a Switch version
  •  A brand new Shin Megami Tensei game was shown. Development has just begun. Will use Unreal Engine 4
  • Square Enix announced Project Octopath Traveller, an HD pixel art game from the creators of Bravely Default
  • Sega reps appeared but had no announcements
  • Suda 51 is making a new game starring Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes
  • Skyrim was confirmed for the Nintendo Switch
  • EA announced Fifa for the Switch
  • A sizzle reel was shown with games like Ultra Street Fighter 2, Super Bomberman R and Puyo Puyo Tetris, as well as Sonic Mania and more
  • The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild will release on launch day.

This was quite the event and you can watch it all below.


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