Nippon Ichi Confirms Switch Games In Development
By Jonathan Balofsky On 27 Dec, 2016 At 07:41 PM | Categorized As News, NINTENDO, ROG News | With 0 Comments

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Soheii Niikawa, President and CEO, Producer, & Scenario Writer at Nippon Ichi Software made the following remarks about the company’s plans for 2017.

“Nippon Ichi Software will deliver various content from Gifu Prefecture to the world. In 2017 as well, we will actively launch new IP in the consumer game market. But it doesn’t end there. We will steadily take on new initiatives. We also have Nintendo Switch project(s), so please look forward to that. (There has been some skepticism about our company’s participation, but…. we’re in proper development!)”


Could this mean a Disgaea game will come to the Switch? Or maybe the new IP he mentioned? Also it is worth pointing out that he stated project(s), implying they have more than one game in development. Hopefully we will see something at the January event.


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