Panda Love Review (WiiU)
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I have a  love/hate relationship with RCMADIAX games. Some like Avoider have been amazing and some like SKEASY are not anything worth checking out. Of course there is the amazing Super Robo Mouse, but sometimes the games you expect to be terrible end up surprising you.

Panda Love is an autorunner/platformer game where you continuously run and must jump and dodge obstacles. This sounds easy but can get hard very fast and will surprise you. The game starts out simple enough but quickly shows its devious side and ramps up the difficulty. Some puzzles require split second timing and some require planning to pass. This could have become a lousy game and indeed, I was afraid it would be, but RCMADIAX won me over. The game is incredibly addictive and just has that it factor of sorts, that keeps me coming back and playing more. This addictive quality seems strange for a game like this but it is there and is welcome.

Panda Love seems like the game that should be a cheap game that you waste maybe 5 minutes on and then move on, but it keeps you coming back. I keep emphasizing this because I was shocked at the depth of gameplay there was for a game that just seemed so simple on the surface. This game ranks among the top og RCMADIAX’s games, even above Avoider. Obviously it is not as good as Super Robo Mouse, RCMADIAX’s best game, which I recommend everyone play, but thi is pretty darn good as well. This is a game that deserves more notice, because while most will ignore it and think it is a weak game, it is actually a top notch experience.

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