Penguin Wars Remake Announced For Switch + First Screenshots
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The 1985 game Penguin Wars will be getting a remake for Switch according to the latest issue of Famitsu.

Penguin Wars is a game abouttwo players facing off against each other, with both participants starting out with five balls on their side of the table.  The goal is to get all ten balls  on one side of the table to declare a winner.

The remake will support one-versus-one and two-versus-two modes, along with Special rules to change things up such as replacing the balls with bombs. There will be local and online multiplayer as well,with up to four players supported for local play. There will also be  a story mode  planned with a growth element.

This will be published by City Connection, who seem to be very interested in remaking classic games now.

You can see screenshots of the remake below




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