Playstation 4 Release Date Revealed
By Garrett Green On 20 Aug, 2013 At 07:59 PM | Categorized As News, PlayStation | With 0 Comments

Sony just came off another good conference at Gamescom. Indie Games took center stage as well as a few surprises with price drops, new trailers for games we know, and new games completely new to the Playstation family. But the main question on everyone’s mind was “What will be the release date?” Well, those questions have been answered. The Playstation 4 will release in North America on November 15th and in Europe on November 29th. With no word yet from Microsoft on the launch for the Xbox One, it’s possible they waited for Sony to reveal their release date in order to give themselves a week or two head start. More than likely we will hear from Microsoft soon. There you have it, November 15th. Who’s excited? I know I am


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