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No GravatarNintendo held it’s Nintendo Direct this morning (at 4 AM PST) and revealed some interesting and exciting details concerning Pokemon X and Y.  Probably the most interesting news is the ability to import your old Pokemon from the Black and White Series.


Introducing the new Pokemon Bank System, an app for the 3DS. If you are familiar with past Pokemon games, you store your Pokemon in a PC system in game when you have more than 6. The new Bank system is essentially this but utilizing the cloud online to hold up to 3,000 total Pokemon. Also, using another called Poke Transporter, you can transfer your Pokemon For the Black and Whites series into Pokemon bank to be used in X and Y.  Nintendo wants to use this system with future installments of the series and is asking for a small annual fee. They have not said how much that will be, but for long time fans, it will be worth to carry all your Pokemon from now on into the future if the price is right.


Another piece of news is that this will be the first time the player will receive two starting Pokemon instead of one. The first will be one of the new starters of Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin, the second you will be able to choose one of the original starters of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, each of which have a final Mega Evolution of Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard and Mega Blastoise. Traditionally, you’ve only been able to choose one starter, this will open up more strategy in how you begin your adventure. If you choose Chespin, maybe you also want to choose Bulbasaur to fight against the water Pokemon that would usually give you trouble. Or perhaps, like myself, you prefer a certain Pokemon type over others when you begin your adventure and want to double down on it. Charmander has always been my favorite Pokemon and since the original I’ve always started with fire types, so Chespin and Charmander for me.

A little bit of tidbit on the new Mega Evolutions, it seems that it will somehow be attached to the level of connection with your Pokemon. The more you use a Pokemon and the more you interact with your Pokemon with side games, the stronger your bond is. Perhaps you will need a certain level of friendship with the Pokemon who can Mega Evolve before they are able to. Also, the player will wear a device called the Mega Ring (even though it is a bracelet) that will enable the Mega Evolution when the Pokemon is holding the Mega Stone. This is just conjecture at this point but comments made in the Pokemon Direct sound like this might be the case.


The last piece of news is that Nintendo announced the Blue Pokemon 3DSXL that has been announced in Japan, will also be available in America, along with a red version, on September 27. These will release about two weeks before the game so we still don’t know if there will be a bundle or not. Pokemon X and Y will release worldwide on October 12.


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