Pokémon Sun and Moon Team Skull & New Pokemon Trailer
By Jonathan Balofsky On 11 Aug, 2016 At 03:10 PM | Categorized As News, Nintendo 3DS, Portable/Mobile Gaming, ROG News | With 0 Comments

No GravatarNintendo and The Pokémon Company have released a new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon. This one shows off the evil Team Skul that you will be opposing in the game. It also shows off more new Pokémon ,Wishiwashi a water Pokémon capable of forming a school of fish and becoming bigger, Pyukumuku, another water Pokémon and Morelull, a grass and fairy Pokémon As wel more Alola forms are shown off including Meowth, Marowak and Raichu.

You can check out the trailer below.



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