Poketastic!!! – Pokemon X and Y Review
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No GravatarI have been playing Pokemon since the original Red and Blue. Over years and 5 generations of games and hundreds of Pokemon captured, I admit that I grew a little tired of the series. Black and White didn’t really do much for me and I was losing interest in the series all together. Then the announcement of the first 3D traditional Pokemon game reached my ears and I began to pay attention. With a new type, better graphics, and new interesting designs for Pokemon my interest was peaked. I hadn’t been this excited for a new Pokemon game in a long time. But was the excitement properly placed. I’m glad to say that after playing Pokemon X and Y, this is the best Pokemon game to date.


The game begins with you choosing your gender and look of your trainer. The customization at first is very small; choosing between 3 different skin tones and hair lengths but it is a welcome and appreciated addition to the series. You then set out on your adventure with Pokemon in tow to become a Pokemon Master. Right from the beginning, the 3D graphics look great and truly bring this world to life. Sweeping camera shots, colorful visuals, and characters with actual expressions on their faces make this adventure truly feel alive. Pokemon in battle actually have their own animations and personality. Gone are the days of the static Pokemon frozen in place, now Charizard actually looks menacing as it flaps it’s wings in mid air. If there was one thing I could point out that is negative, I would say that it is not all environments are in 3D when the 3D is turned on. Many places don’t pop out or add depth while most dungeons and Pokebattles do. It feels more like an aesthetic choice by the developers and as I went, it felt natural to not have everyplace be in 3D. The music has also taken a notable improvement in this iteration. While the last game felt very old school, here the music feels like actual music. Overall, the visual and audible experience is the best it’s ever been.


The core gameplay is largely unchanged; start out with either a fire, water, or grass type Pokemon and set out to capture more and challenge other trainers. However, the pace of the game is noticeably faster. Usually the beginning tends to drag but here you hit the ground running. Not soon after you start you get to pick between the original starters from the very first game to add to your team. Additions such as super training, which allows you to more easily train the base stats of your Pokemon than the standard EV training, and Amie, which makes your Pokemon like you more and gives your in battle bonuses for maxing out the like meter, give surprising depth to a series that was always deep. This is the game for long time fans of the series and the most accessible game for newbies to jump in.


The biggest addition of course is the Mega Evolution. Certain Pokemon, with the help of a specific stone, can evolve in battle, giving them added strength and abilities. Only a handful of Pokemon can Mega Evolve and only one Pokemon can do it per battle, giving an added layer of strategy to players in battle. Some Pokemon will change type when they Mega Evolve; example: Charizard changing from fire/flying to fire/dragon in Pokemon X version. This gives more possibilities to throw off an opponent in battle.


Pokemon X and Y is by far the best Pokemon game in the series. It will appease long time fans but is accessible enough for those curious in the series to jump in. A great addition to any 3DS, Pokemon X and Y are definitely great games with tons of hours of fun to be had. If you have a 3DS, get this game.


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