PS Vita TV Revealed
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The Sony Playstation Press Conference in Tokyo gave out a lot of new details from up coming games to the redesigned Vita. The showstopper, which came at the end of the show, was the announcement of PS Vita TV. This mini device, allows user to play Vita games on their television with a DuelShock 3 controller. It will also allow users to play PSOne and PSP games through on your tv through the hardware. But wait, there’s more.

The device will be able to use video streaming services like Hulu, becoming a bit like the apple tv. And lastly, it will allow you to play your Playstation 4 on another television via wifi Remote Play. So let’s say your Playstation 4 is hooked up in the main television room, and you significant other, parents, siblings, etc., what to use that tv. Instead of having to unhook it and carry it into another room, you just hook up the PS Vita TV to a different tv and play from there. If the streaming is crisp and responsive this can be great. However, if it is slow to respond and doesn’t stream beautifully, it’ll be seen as a gimmick and many gamers will not want this.


It being poised as a cheap streaming device can also give it some momentum. Consumers looking for a cheap alternative to current media boxes might see this small device and like the idea. It will be released before the Playstation 4 in Japan so it won’t just cater to the gamer demographic. There is also no word yet if it’ll be coming to other countries outside of Japan, however it’s more than likely that it will later down the line. The PS Vita TV launches in Japan on November 14 for 9,480 Yen ($95).

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