Redemption or Transition?- Redemeer Review (Steam)
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Brawler games go way back as a genre, and they have always been a key part of gaming.  But the genre must be kept fresh through changes and shakeups and this has brought many new genres, such as hack n slash and beat em ups. As the years went by, more changes have been made, but some have strayed far from their brawler roots. As such, when a game comes along the way Redeemer has, it merits attention due to its very nature.

Redeemer is a brawler with elements of the dungeon crawler genre. It can be thought of as a brutal brawler with some influence from games like Diablo as well as influence from top down shooters. This is not a bad thing by any means, as it creates an experience that is wholly unique. The story is not anything to write home about, but the gameplay offers some great variety. The combat ranges from simple to complex based on what you want to do. I’ve seen comparisons to the Arkham series, but to be honest, I feel those comparisons are thrown around far too often these days, and in situations that do not actually warrant them.

Redeemer has a lot going for it. A satisfying gameplay style, good reasons given to replay the game, and the right amount of accessibility. As stated, the story is nothing special, but that is for the best. The story is not the draw in these types of games, and the developers seem to have realized that as well. What we are left with is game that is over the top gory, and revels in it to the point of intentional self parody. Given its self aware themes, I have to say that Redeemer works on multiple levels. Both as a brawler and an examination of the brawler genre.

In the end, if you like brawler games, or just want some old school action with some kick, then Redeemer is right for you. It knows what it wants to be, and want it wants to be is the game that gets brawlers back to their roots again. I think we can all enjoy that.





Disclaimer: A review key was provided for this review.

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