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Multiplayer games are awesome, we all know that. But sometimes the lack of local multiplayer focused games can be annoying. That’s why when a game like Rocket Wars comes along, it provides something special. In this case, we get a mashup of genres that just feels right, and a local multiplayer game that will be a hit for groups.


Rocket Wars is a fast paced multiplayer shoot em up. The goal isn’t to destroy enemies together, but rather to destroy each other. It seems like its been done before, but not like this. The gameplay is tighter than other shoot em ups, its far faster and yet requires more attention than ever.  In many ways, it is a contradiction as it shouldn’t be fun, but it is. There are a large variety of ships and power-ups/abilities to use, which helps keep things fresh as well.

Rocket Wars is both a party game and a game for intense players. It has modes like death match and 2 v 2 that will keep competitive players happy and engaged, while also providing for those who just want a casual experience. It has somewhat simplistic visuals and the audio will not be to everyone’s tastes, but it has that magic something that just makes it work right. As a disclaimer, I love shoot em ups, so this was a blast to play in local multiplayer. For those who do not have 4 players available, there are bots to use for play as well.

Rocket Wars is just a well put together package. It is up-front about what it has and what it has is worth playing. I would definitely check this one out if you are looking for a new party game or a game to play competitively with your friends. It is truly worth taking a good look at.

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