Review – Tachyon Project (WiiU)
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Ahhhhhh, Shoot-em-ups. one of my beloved genres of games to play, and twin stick shooters?  A personal favorite. Tachyon Project offers some new and interesting twists on the genre, but does it work?

Tachyon Project is one of the most unique twin stick shooters I have ever gotten my hands on. And while some may call it a “knock-off” and liken it to other games like Geometry Wars, I feel that is an unjust comparison. Tachyon Project has similar feel but is very different and thus should be viewed as its own thing.

The game has an impressive range of visuals, displaying a rush of images at once in a large kaleidoscope of colors and objects present to the player. While it’s not so intense that it would hurt my eyes, others players, especially ones with epileptic issues might should be careful. Still, the visuals and intense effects on display is an impressive sight to behold.

The stages are difficult, and at times intense, but they are not without reward. The leveling system allows you to gain more defense, weapons and abilities. You might have to grind a bit to gain everything but it is very much worth it. Death will come for you many times over but if you keep at it, the rewards are definitely worth sticking with it. A surprising aspect of the game though is the story mode. It does feel a bit….. cliche in places but is nonetheless still a great plus to a twin stick shooter game, giving it a rather rare feel to it, setting it apart from the rest in the genre.

The music is great and sound effects are spot on too. It really helps you get into the mood to have fun. It’s the kind of music that can make a good game better, like Ducktales, or Megaman.

In conclusion, if you got the spare cash and are looking for something to play for a while, give Tachyon Project a try. It ain’t perfect but it doesn’t need to be for you to have a blast.

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