Review – The Deer God (WiiU)


I first heard of this game when a friend showed me the kickstarter for this and tried his best to sell me on it, but I was not convinced. The game seemed a little strange, and I was not sure what to make of it. When I received a chance to review the game ( Thank you Mobot), I decided to do so in order to see what the game really had to offer.

The Deer God is one of those games that is very slow to start but does pick up when you finally get going. The game has a lot to offer but the issue is that the way it is presented is a little awkward. The game’s pacing shifts from slow to fast and the back to slow. Its not a major deal breaker but is something that can distract you.

The game is gorgeous with amazing pixel art that is top of the line. The game’s visuals are a true standout especially when compared to other Pixel Art games, but it makes me wish the soundtrack was also as good. It is not that the soundtrack is bad per se, but rather that it just doesn’t feel right with the game for whatever reason. Something about it, just doesn’t sit right at all.

The gameplay itself of The Deer God is interesting. There is a story to follow, you interact with others and gain new abilities and it feels okay, but the uneven pacing can throw things off. The controls are not a problem, in fact the game controls just fine. The game is certainly not bad, just mis-paced.  I did enjoy myself at several times, as I explored the game. The day and night cycle the game has is particularly impressive in how it is utilized. I just wish the game was paced better as it could have been even better. Its worth checking out, just be warned about the unevenness of the game.





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