Review – Twisted Fusion (Wii U)
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Many indie games were put forth on kickstarter with Wii U goals in mind. Twisted Fusion is a game made with Wii U in mind, and funded via kickstarter, but is it any good?

I wanted to like this game, I really did. I was looking forward to it but there are some serious issues. First, the game takes a long time to load when you first start up. This is to get everything loaded out as soon as possible but it is extremely annoying. That said, the game does load quickly after that initial loading screen. My main issue with he game is that it doesn’t feel quite complete. The world feels empty, the combat feels half-done and the controls just don’t click at all.

The combat is a major issue as the enemies just take way too much damage to kill. It interrupts the entire gameplay and brings everything to a halt. The stronger the enemy is, the worse it gets. Expect some fights where you need to hit an enemy over 120 times to beat them ( this is on the more extreme end), and that isn’t a good fit for a metroidvania game.

Speaking of metroidvania games, for a game genre based around exploration, the world of Twisted Fusion feels empty and lacking. If this was a side scrolling platformer game, then it would not be as noticeable, but a metroidvania game needs a well developed world.

I wanted to like this game, but I don’t . I just cannot recommend this,

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